Passion Points is our 'Thank You' to you, our loyal customers

Points can be made by Registering for our site, Purchasing our products and Engaging on Social Media about our site. 

More ways to grab points will be added soon!

Points Offered:

Action# of Points
Register on our Site 100 Passion Points
Place an order 1 Passion Point for every $1 spent
Engaging on Social Media
Share on Twitter
10 Passion Points
Share on Facebook
10 Passion Points

  Please Note:

*  You will be rewarded when the order status is Shipped / Completed.

*  Rewards will be Cancelled when the order status is Cancelled or Declined.

Rewards are calculated for the Order Only - this  excludes other coupons, discount rules, store credit and gift certificates.

* Guests checkouts will not earn points - Sometimes a customer will make a purchase as a guest before returning to create an account. This customer will NOT earn points for purchases until they Create an Account.